Endgame, Sacred Fools Theatre

“Clov is played with devotion and frustration plus twitchy hyperactivity and a deep laugh, by David Fraioli.”
-Backstage Critic’s Pick

“This fine revival really soars on the wings of the cast’s terrific performances.”
-LA Weekly

Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes

“Fraioli steals the show as a manic madman who becomes increasingly desperate…”
-Boston Globe

Inheritors, Metropolitan Playhouse

“A thrilling production featuring impassioned performances by David Fraioli… that threaten to blow the roof off the theatre.”
-Victor Gluck, Backstage

Copenhagen, Northern Stage

“It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying production…. Fraioli as Heisenberg lingers in the mind.”
-Norwood Long, The Vermont Standard

Pick Up Ax, Metropolitan Playhouse

“David Fraioli steals the show as the wizardly Keith, winning us over first with his inspired eccentricity, and later with his unexpectedly grounded savvy.”
-Martin Denton,

The Three Sisters, Chekhov Now! Festival

“And why cast a man as Masha? It makes sense when he’s the best person for the job. David Fraioli’s Masha is an utterly transparent creature. Everything affects her and everything can be seen through her. He is clearly a man, but there is never a doubt that Masha is a woman.”
-Maggie Cino,

The Trojan Women a Love Story, directed by Tina Landau

“Trojan Women succeeds… perhaps it’s due to out-of-this-world performances like David Fraioli’s shell-shocked Aeneas.”

Danny Casolaro’s Died for You

“…especially after the powerful, chilling speech that (David) Fraioli delivers at the end. It’s a goosebump moment after a play that offers exquisite performances…”
-Cape Cod Times

“As Thomas, Fraioli brings some levity to the powerful drama through his strong physical energy and passion about Italian cooking. He is like a tightly wound rubber band about to spring.”
-Cape Cod Chronicle